Long ago, Sun Microsystems's tagline was 'The Network is the Computer'. The 'Network effect' on civilizations and economies have been truly transformational - be it in the development of the highway system, the Internet or now in 'social media'.

The idea behind the 'Nathan Research Network' is simple. Over the years we have had the good fortune of having met, got to know and worked with several individuals and businesses that we have a high regard for. There is no classification or hierarchy in this network. Each one of these entities could be a client, a former client, a business partner or a business started by a high school buddy!. They could be in the business of high end 3D visualization or in the business of renting chauffer driven cars.

All these businesses, however are characterized by some common threads - they are generally small-to-medium businesses, have all been started and are run by charismatic, smart, driven individuals; entrepreneurs who have worked hard to build these firms; people that have an extraordinary sense of business integrity. They have brought tremendous value to their customers, their associates, their partners and themselves. The values they cherish - of innovation, excellence, and achievement are the values we uphold. We know them all very well and it has been an honor to have known them, worked with them, and laughed with them.

The Nathan Research Network is our humble effort to create a 'loose' ecosystem of like-minded individuals and businesses that would benefit from each other through this network and no other specific agenda (at this time!). It is our attempt to be a part of the 'Network Transformation' that is taking place today in society and in business organizations. It is our version of 1+1 = 11 .

NR Network

Very innovative business model run by a top attorney to reduce legal costs for Corporate America through an efficient outsourcing/offshoring of legal analysis and opinion preparation conducted by experts around the globe.
Architectural , Design Engineering and Visualization solutions for architects, designers, and construction managers in an age where more is expected to be done online, in 3D and using multimedia.

The best Motivational speaker and trainer if you were looking for an inspirational message  to ‘move’ your organization and develop in its people  a culture of discipline, performance, excellence and pride. Next ‘Zig Ziglar’.

A powerful suite of solutions for Warehouse management, Transportation and Logistics , developed for and used by large distribution networks around the world, a differentiated approach to logistics problem solving.

Group of successful entrepreneurs and executives breaking new ground in identifying, nurturing and bringing new ideas and technologies to mainstream through capital, mentorship and management.

Nervous about local transportation during your India travels ? Leave it to these guys. They will take care of you from the time you land, to the time you take off  for your return, with their fantastic fleet and chauffeurs.

Remodeling your current home is an increasingly preferable alternative to moving – but can be a pain. In partnership with the nation’s largest home improvement provider, they are the best in the business!

Importers, brokers and distributors trying to navigate through all the  complexity of  import/export regulations, FTZs (Foreign Trade Zones) etc ?  They can help, with an unmatched track record of experience in these areas.

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