Links here include several publications, white papers and presentations we have made over the years as well as other links that may be of interest to the reader. Some of the links require a simple registration.

Standards in Action White Paper, June 2003

'The UCC Benefits Calculator Framework' - UConnect Conference,
   Orlando, May 2003

Benefit Analyzer - Retail Systems Conference, June 2003

Emerging Enterprise Application Architectures - White Paper,
   Apr 2003

'Trends in Application Packaging' - Retail Systems Alert Editorials,
   Mar-Apr 2003

'Standards and Interoperability' - Retail Systems Alert, Sep 2002

Retail Supply Chain Research report - Retail Systems Alert Group,
   May 1999

Roadmap to CPFR - The Case Studies published by VICS, 1999

Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
- VICS, 1998

'Systematic Collaboration in Supply chains' - University of Florida,
   Feb 1999

'Removing Costs from the Supply Chain' - Electronic Commerce
   World, August 1997

Panel Discussion on CPFR - Retail Systems Conference, June 2002

'XML and EDI - Panel discussion, FMI Marketechnics, March 2000

Collaborative processes in Supply Chains' - Stanford University,
   March 1999

Electronic Commerce - Trends and Strategies' - Washington
, April 1999

Collaboration in the Supply Chain - Annual Colorado EC
, Nov 1997

B2B on the Internet' - Council of Logistics Management
, Oct 1997

Collaboration in the Supply Chain' - EC/EDI Professionals
   Conference, July 1997

EC in the Supply Chain' - Michigan EDI User Group Conference,
   Nov 1996

EDI and the Internet' - St. Louis EDI Forum Education Fair, St. Louis,
   June 1996

Collaborative Planning in Supply Chains' - E&Y Supply Chain
, 1997

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